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Reader’s Digest Quotes Stronghold Cyber Security CEO About Tech Myths

Reader’s Digest recently quoted Stronghold Cyber Security’s Jason McNew in an article about 10 tech myths you need to stop believing.

Myth: You’re not worth targeting for cybercrime

“The biggest myth by far is ‘I am not a target’. Unfortunately, everyone and everything is a target, because the tools that hackers, cybercriminals, and state-backed actors such as China’s PLA (Peoples Liberation Army) use are largely automated, and look for targets 24/7/365. Even if the targets are not useful or interesting, they will break in and steal data anyway, and will usually leave behind a back door of some kind, to use for attacks against other networks. Imagine whales patrolling the ocean, just vacuuming up krill. You are the krill.” —Jason McNew, CISSP, CEO & Founder of Stronghold Cyber Security.

The article can be seen in its entirety here.