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Jason McNew’s areas of expertise and his many highly-honed professional competencies were called into service by the UASD Board on numerous occasions, and he was always efficient, helpful, diligent, and quick. He also is a man of exceptional integrity and personal honor, and was completely trustworthy with even the most sensitive information touching upon personnel or student confidentiality. Jason McNew is a model of personal discretion as well as a highly competent professional, his judgment is sound, and his actions always moral and upright. Jason and I did not always agree—far from it—but I always respected his opinions, the thoughtful way he formulated and articulated them, and his strong moral barometer. I always respected and liked him as a man, even when we were at odds. I can think of no higher praise.

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Jason's expertise is technology and he willingly provided his expertise to help improve our district's technology operations.  More importantly, Mr. McNew was extremely helpful in verifying school district administrators considered all options when protecting faculty, staff and student information as web-based technologies were integrated into the district.

Wesley Doll