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Stronghold Cyber Security is a veteran-owned cyber security company located near historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania that provides cutting-edge security services to businesses throughout the country. Service offerings include regulatory compliance, penetration testing, advanced cyber risk management, along with customized cyber security programs.

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Address: Gettysburg, PA

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Concerned your current IT support ISN'T DOING ENOUGH to protect your business from a cyber attack? , Are you looking to outsource your security to proven CYBER EXPERTS? , Want to finally STOP WORRYING about whether your business is fully protected? , If so, you've come to the right place! View some of our cyber security services below then give us a call at 717-918-3301

As cyber security experts, this is just a small list of the cyber security services we can offer your business.

Managed Security Services - Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)

Managed cyber security services are a cost effective way to deploy cutting edge security technology.

Vulnerability Assessments

We can scan your network for vulnerabilities and identify them before a hacker can.



Compliance can be daunting.  We’ll help you get compliant with a finger on the bottom line.  We specialize in NIST compliance, NYCRR 500 compliance, and more.



Virtual CISO Services

Not ready for a full time Chief Information Systems Officer?  With regularly scheduled vCISO visits, we will be the team player that you need.

Risk Management

We will help your business or organization measure your cyber risks in a comprehensive way, and guide you in developing a plan to address these risks.

Private Cyber Security Consulting

Need security experts who bring current industry best practices along with decades of experience in a professional, discreet manner?  We are the solution for you.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

We’ll make it easy and cost-effective for your business to protect all your data from cyber criminals, natural disasters, hardware failures, and more.

Penetration Testing

Need to truly understand your risks?  Penetration testing goes a step beyond vulnerability testing by trying to actively exploit weaknesses in your networks and systems.


Dark Web Monitoring

Is your business being targeted on social media or the Dark Web?  We can help analyze these threats.


Business Continuity Planning

All businesses need to have a continuity plan in place, and with our expertise, we can help align cyber response strategies with IT best practices.

Information Assurance

Ensuring the the steps involved to protect critical infrastructure.

  • Availability
  • Authentication
  • Integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Nonrepudiation

Incident Response Services

We’ll tailor our response according to the urgency of the situation as well as the extent of the cyber attack.

Security Awareness Training

Do you think that your employees know how to identify malicious websites, phishing emails, the risks of their personal devices, and other things that can impact YOUR business?  95% of data breaches are caused by human error – with proper training, your employees can help keep your business safe.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call to see how Stronghold Cyber Security can help your business! 717-918-3301
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