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Stronghold Cyber Security is a veteran-owned cyber security company located near historic Gettysburg, Pennsylvania that provides cutting-edge security services to businesses throughout the country. Service offerings include regulatory compliance, penetration testing, advanced cyber risk management, along with customized cyber security programs.

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Managed Service Providers: are you looking for expert cyber security services to offer your clients?

Stronghold Cyber Security partners with MSPs around the country to offer complete compliance solutions, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, and third-party cyber security audits for their clients.

Why partner with Stronghold Cyber Security?

Becoming a Managed Security Services Provider can be costly and time-consuming.

Cyber security is a specialty.  Truly qualified cyber security professionals are both expensive and can be hard to find.  By partnering with Stronghold Cyber Security, you have subject matter experts at your fingertips from day one to protect not only your clients, but YOUR business as well.

Keep your current clients happy as well as gain NEW clients.

By partnering with Stronghold Cyber Security, you will be able to keep your current clients happy by offering world-class cyber security services for their needs. You will also be able to obtain new (and potentially larger) clients easier by providing them with a solution to their compliance issues, as well as other cyber security requirements.

Help convert "break / fix" clients into managed services clients.

A typical “break / fix” client seldom has adequate patch management and security.  By partnering with Stronghold Cyber Security, your client will have an unbiased, third-party assessment of their network.  Our findings can help them realize just how important, and how much more cost effective, managed services can be compared to a typical “break / fix” relationship.

A complement to Managed Service Providers, not competition.

Stronghold Cyber Security complements an MSP’s services. We do not offer the typical IT managed services that most MSPs provide their clients, so there is no competition.  Our focus is strictly on security.  In addition, we are always mindful of the Managed Service Provider’s business interests.

Third-party separation of duties.

Just like an accounting firm wouldn’t audit their own books, Managed Service Providers will sometimes need to bring a third-party cyber security auditor to the table in order to create a clear separation of duties.  Stronghold Cyber Security can balance the delicate matter of dealing with both the end client, while also being mindful of the MSP.

Improve your OWN security.

Managed Service Providers hold the “keys to the kingdom” and are currently under attack by Chinese-based threat actors.  By working with Stronghold Cyber Security, MSPs can implement a cyber risk management framework to help establish a culture of security.  This, in turn, will help protect their own clients.




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    What can Stronghold Cyber Security assist Managed Services Providers with?

    Compliance Requirements

    We can assist Managed Service Providers and their clients with many different areas of compliance, including:

    In these instances, Stronghold Cyber Security performs the gap analysis.  The information is then handed off to the Managed Service Provider to perform the remediation.

    Vulnerability Assessments

    We can assist managed Service Providers and their clients with what goes beyond a typical vulnerability scan.  Instead, a full-on vulnerability assessment is conducted and we offer:

    • internal vulnerability assessments
    • external vulnerability assessments

    In these instances, Stronghold Cyber Security performs the vulnerability assessment against a wide variety of frameworks, depending on the clients requirements.  The information is then handed off to the Managed Service Provider to perform the remediation.

    Penetration Testing

    We can assist Managed Service Providers and their clients with complex penetration testing, which is much more invasive than a vulnerability assessment and a service that most Managed Service Providers do not offer.  Penetration testing options include:

    • external
    • internal
    • network
    • wireless
    • application
    • social engineering

    Stronghold Cyber Security will work with you and your client to determine which tests are needed, as well as the extent of penetration testing – white box, grey box, or black box.

    Third-Party Cyber Security Audits

    We can assist Managed Service Providers and their clients by providing a clear separation of duties for those who require a third-party cyber security auditing firm.

    Stronghold Cyber Security can also work directly with Managed Service Providers in assessing their own level of cyber protection by leveraging best practice frameworks on their own networks.

    Partners: Managed Service Providers
    If you need assistance with cyber security, Stronghold Cyber Security can help! 1-888-277-8320
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